Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t think that I have been fully prepared for children that are not accustomed to holiday traditions. My husband and I agreed that this is the first year they have not spent the day on supervised or unsupervised visits, whether at the Children and Youth office or at their natural parents’ home. Our kids really hated Thanksgiving dinner. They were totally unimpressed. I made them hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for lunch today and you would have thought they were eating at a five star restaurant! Every child had seconds. Trying to get them to eat turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, candied yams, cheesy broccoli, rolls, etc was like pulling teeth. So rough!! They forced their small plates of food into their mouths so that they could get dessert, but they were not happy about it!

Hubby left before 5:00 this morning for work. Anne had counseling from 8:00-11:30 so we had some time for the little kids to play (or bicker over the same toy all morning). Now we’re working on some crafts and maybe making some cookies!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Hope you had time with family and some good food!

Watching the parade:

thanksgiving thanksgiving2 thanksgiving3 thanksgiving4


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