DNA Check

Anyone know about having kids’ DNA checked?

This blogger talks about the difficulty of “normal” looking children who have otherwise difficult behavioral/mental health issues such as FAS. We’ve long thought our children suffer some symptoms of FAS but didn’t know how to get it diagnosed. A lot of what this blogger talks about with her boys resonates with our kids. The slow learning, the sensory issues, the sleeping issues, the need for routine and low-sugar diets. Has anyone gone through this process with their children?



2 thoughts on “DNA Check

  1. You could look into 23andme and see if the FAS SNPs you need tested are included. It’s an inexpensive way to start. 23andme no longer offers health reports (thanks FDA) but they do give you the raw data which you can find what you need in and use a variety of websites to have interpreted. FDA is scrutinizing them not because their service is inaccurate, but because they think people may make uninformed, rash choices if given health information without a doctor to translate it.

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