Picture Update

I really need to get back on the Wednesday picture updates! I had quit this summer because it was overwhelmingly Madeline and I felt badly that I could not update you all on the other three kids… But now that I can show their adorable faces too I need to get them represented!! Here are a few special ones… I promise I owe a bunch of my son… but first these are special “sister” pictures…


Making a sick sister feel better…


Trying on matching Adoption Day outfits…


Walking through school together…

Here are some good brotherly love pictures:


Invited into the cockpit on their first plane trip!


Special Halloween hugs…


He just loves her so much he wants to squeeze her all the time!

first day

One of the first days after the kids were placed with us, holding hands and being buddies at the store!

first day2

A picture that means so much to me… The first night the kids stayed with us. They were all excited to get new toothbrushes and then had a huge fight over who got which color. They have all grown so much in the last 5 months! Physically, emotionally…

Here are Madeline and Huck in the front row (not their real names, just their names for the blog!), and Scarlett and Anne in the back!


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