Rough Week

On Monday, while we were all on pins and needles to hear about my Uncle’s condition and brain functioning, my mom was having trouble reaching my grandmother. We had seen her the week prior at my cousin’s wedding, and we had seen her over Thanksgiving and she hasn’t been feeling well. We all asked her to see the doctor but apparently she never went. So yesterday my mom called one of her friends to go over and check on her and my grandfather (who is legally blind and therefore not too much help around the house). When their friend arrived my grandmother was on the floor and she called 911 immediately. She wasn’t in the ER long before they moved her to the ICU. Seems that she’s had a kidney stone blocking one of her kidneys and the other was so overwhelmed and dehydrated that she had kidney failure. In addition, because of all the back up from her kidneys, she also is suffering from an infection, sepsis, in her blood. I went down immediately once my husband got home on Monday and she was in bad condition. I went back yesterday morning and she was doing better. They performed surgery to relieve her kidneys and performed dialysis so her kidneys are now functioning. It will probably take a least a week before the infection is gone but the prognosis is very good. It was super stressful at the beginning of the week and today I took all the kids to school and then came home to nap and have a mental health day.

My Uncle has not yet passed. They are waiting for an organ retrieval team to take him off life support and harvest his organs. This was supposed to happen Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. So far it has not happened yet. So he’s kind of caught between living and dying. Luckily (or unluckily) his brain is so damaged that he is in no pain or memory of this time.

So that’s been my week! I hope you all have had better ones!


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