Gone Too Long

Sorry I’ve been MIA folks… planning and attending my uncle’s funeral out of town has been tough. I figured I’d come back with a bunch of pictures to show y’all and then give you an update of where we are! I know I left you hanging with the behavioral health stuff. There’s a few more extra of Madeline just because her teacher is so good at sharing photos with me and also I’m home with her two days a week so I just get more time with her! She also traveled with me to Raleigh last weekend to lay my uncle to rest so I included some pictures of us traveling.

ali mary

Happy Birthday Jesus party at school, she was entertained!

ali pic

She loves to take “pictures” with her hello kitty phone. She pushes the button and everything! I crack up every time.


Playing the piano at my mom’s house and tolerating my nephew. She is not a huge fan of younger children and he touches her things way too much so it makes her very unhappy!

kid's table

It was mainly adults who attended the funeral so here she is at dinner at the “kids” table!


These two got matching pjs for Christmas and it has been awesome!

sleepy ali

Delayed at the airport almost 3 hours coming home. We were both so exhausted!


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