Tough Cookies

There are tough weeks in everyone’s lives. Work, school, kids, parents. Whatever. This was a tough week. I feel like I got hit from all sides and my whole body aches. Dealing with Anne’s school. Dealing with Anne’s counseling. Dealing with work. Dealing with a nasty three year old. Dealing with a cranky husband. Dealing with pee in pants and kids hitting each other. I was just over it. I was exhausted. Am exhausted. And then I got mad. When will people be grateful of the sacrifices I make every day. Why can’t they see how much I love them, to do all of this. When will they care? Then I got angry, but a good angry. Like, I can do this. And I thought about having to meet with Anne’s new principal for the same reason I had to meet at the public school, and I vowed to myself something. I WILL NOT LET THEM DOWN. These kids have had 200 people let them down in their young lives. I will not be one of them. It can be the most exhausting week of my life and I will not let them down. I am here for them, whether it’s roses and cupcakes or pee and vomit and aggression. They can’t get rid of me. I am here for them. Forever.


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