A Win for Little Man

Warning: a little bit too much info to follow, but I think it’s important to share because I feel like there may be other foster or adoptive mothers going through this!! Read on at your own risk of TMI.

We saw the pediatrician on Thursday morning for Little Man. He apparently is still blocked up, despite several months of Miralax. We love our pediatrician and he hangs on her every word. She said that because of years of severe constipation, that his colon is swollen. This can also cause urinary incontinence. She also said that being so full and having the swollen colon can make him feel like his stomach is full because there is no room for it to expand. So he is probably hungry and feels full simultaneously. She also said that because of the severe constipation and swollen colon that he probably feels like he needs to have a bowel movement all the time. So poor little muffin. I would probably act out and be super cranky if I couldn’t poop and felt hungry all the time but couldn’t eat anything!! No wonder he’s so miserable. Makes me super pissed that in the last 7 years of his life no one cared enough to see a doctor regularly about this  medical problem, that they ALL just wrote it off as behavioral and no one took the time to take care of him. I am super pissed.

Since finding out that it is really a medical issue (at least so far), Huck has turned a total 180. I expected for him to hear that it is medical and just throw the towel in, be totally defiant, and basically throw it in our faces that he just can’t control it. Instead, he has been super trying to make it to the bathroom on time and is very apologetic when he can’t. We haven’t made a big deal out of it one way or another and he wears diapers all the time, even to school. His behavior has been much better and so has his attitude. I’ve seen a marked improvement in his willingness to get along with his siblings and Hubby. It’s almost like he’s relieved to know that he’s not a bad kid and that he medically has had problems for a really long time. It makes me really sad that it took this long for someone to figure out, I’m even pissed at myself that it took me over 6  months to get it under control. I’m hoping that he will be a jolly happy soul by the summer and get to experience fun in the sun!


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