Respite Care

After our adoption in November we agreed to keep our foster license up to date. This includes a $250 bonus from our agency if we do so! We also were interested in providing respite once we felt like our kids could handle it, and once they understood that they are staying with us but we might have some other kids come and go. Well, we had the perfect opportunity to try last week!

Our agency needed emergency respite for a sweet 9 year old girl whose foster parents had to go out of state because of a family emergency. Her natural grandparents usually provide respite but the county found out at the last minute that their clearances had expired. So we got her for two nights! I took her to school and picked her up just like I do with my own. She shared a room with Anne. It was amazing to see how kind and nurturing our kids were with her!

Scarlett went with me to pick our respite on the first day and was talking to her about foster care and asked whether our respite was excited to be adopted. Well the respite girl said that she will be returning home in June. So Scarlett explained to her that Scarlett’s parents lied to the judge and so they were adopted, but that I don’t lie so it’s better now. Very interesting to be a little mouse in the room with them!

When our respite girl entered the home Huck took her jacket and hung it up for her. He got her a drink of water. When it was time for her to shower he got her a towel and washcloth and showed her how to use the shower. I was impressed! The kids were very loving to her and they enjoyed some Frozen dance parties. She is a very intelligent and has a great memory so it was fun for me to help her with her homework.

I was sad to see her go after only two days. Especially because my kids went back to fighting and whining once she left! While driving her to school I got all the information on her case. She just poured it all out, I guess she felt safe to talk to me about it. Her visits are only twice a month with her mom and her mom has missed the last 5 visits so I don’t believe that respite girl will be returning home in June. I feel badly that she doesn’t realize she could be in care for much longer. The rest of her home situation seems pretty unstable, and her foster family seemed very sweet and nurturing. I hope she gets permanency soon!


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