School’s Out for Summer!

The kids have about 14 days left of school. It’s totally time for panic to set in. I have a spreadsheet of potential summer activities to maximize the fun! We will participate in the local library’s summer reading program. We will visit our local Regal movie theater on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings for $1 kids’ movies. We will spend an eternal amount of time in our backyard pool. I bought journals and have printed out writing prompts for the kids to write each day. We have the Brain Quest workbook for each of the older kids and a Pre-K wipe off book for Madeline to use. Our nanny will return from school and help us as she did last summer (part time of course). Anne and Huck will be in counseling three days a week for half days, so that means mostly entertaining Madeline and Scarlett. Which I would say is the easiest pairing except that Scarlett talks more than any child I’ve met before and likes to antagonize Madeline for sport! What am I forgetting??


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