Another Update

I know that I owe you all an update. I’ve been horrible about writing, even though I keep thinking of topics to write about, they rarely make their way onto the blog! I’ll try to work harder over the summer to get back in the habit. I was very good on keeping the blog updated before/during the adoption and I think it is super important now to keep updating as well, as we navigate the post-adoption space as well.

It’s nearly been one year since we received our referral and placement. It’s totally hard to believe! Some days I think that it feels like it’s been 10 years, and other days I can’t believe we’ve nearly been a family for a full year.

Anne and Huck are in the same counseling program. Anne has been there nearly a year, and she is hopeful that she will have completed the program before school starts next year. Huck started the middle of May so he might be finished before summer next year. It is a trauma recovery program and they have one on one sessions, sessions with a behavioral specialist and also group sessions with their peers. I was afraid that Huck’s behavior would become out of control and that he would fight against us to go. BUT he loves it! He is so happy on counseling days. I think it makes all the difference that he has an older boy as a mentor in the group and that his counselor is a man. He really needs that guy time and he listens and takes to heart anything that a male figure will say to him over female figures.

We continue to have bathrooming issues with Huck. He is now 8 years old. In the nearly one year that he has lived with us, the longest he has gone without bathroom issues is 7 days. Recently he will go two or three days and then have a major issue the next day. He attributes it to not wanting to stop activities to go to the bathroom. While he is at home we do our best to remind him every so often, but it’s hard. He definitely has had less poop issues since he has been home from school for the summer, but the peeing is still an issue.

Scarlett is just as sassy as ever. She had a lot of anxiety leading up to the end of school and start of summer. She is my internaliz-er, and she had stomach aches for a while there. She worked herself up and worried about what it would be like home versus at school. I hope that as the weeks have gone on and she’s been home that she recognizes how safe she is. I try to stick to a routine as best as possible because I know that’s best for all of the kids.

Madeline has grown about a foot and is talking twice as much as before. Her giggles fill the house when her siblings perform prat falls or pretend to bump into walls. She dances with Scarlett and lets Anne pretend to be her mama bird. Her appetite has grown along with her love of dinosaurs.

We have our beloved nanny back from last summer. The kids adore her and they’re enjoying being at home. We are taking it one week at a time this summer so that we all make it through alive!


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