Day 2

Our nine year old respite girl is here and we’re on day 2. I’ve gotten her to open up about how it’s going with her current foster family and how her summer has been. I’m not sure when the county will stop placing elementary aged girls in homes with only teen boys, but from my personal experience these placements never work out! This girl is so bored and lonely. The boys have friends over or play video games all the time. She is an active and smart young girl, but she doesn’t want to play outside by herself. There’s only so much time a 9 year old can or should play on the computer or the wii. She doesn’t get to have dance parties or play dress up. She doesn’t own a Barbie or baby doll to play with. Her foster mother told her she’s too busy this summer to let the girl invite friends over, but the mother will not let the girl join her in the kitchen with the canning they are doing of their summer vegetables. She doesn’t get to head to the free library program, which my kids love (and this year they get free lunch afterwards, double win!). No wonder the placement isn’t going well! She’s probably acting out quite a bit and annoying everyone in the home because she has nothing else to do! Makes me so angry that this would be a good pre-adoptive home for her in the eyes of the county.


6 thoughts on “Day 2

    • Yes we have her through tomorrow! The kids are writing songs now and singing them together. With their recorders. My poor neighbors! I’m going to send her with crafts, a journal and maybe a few toys, I’m not sure what all. I hope they find a new home for her soon!

      • Oh me too! Are you part of any Foster/adoptive parent support groups? Know anyone looking to adopt a younger girl? I love your idea of sending her with things to keep her busy! She definitely is blessing to be in your home today!!!

      • I am not part of a support group. I think the closest one to us is about an hour and a half away, which is too far for me! I got her new flip flops today (yay Old Navy $1 flip flop day!), a workbook to practice for school, a journal and some crafts.

  1. As a young girl, a stranger once was kind to me. We had a brief two-minute conversation, but I could tell that she was genuinely interested in me and my well-being. Thirty years have passed, and I can still remember the kindness in her eyes, the warmth in her voice, and the spark of an idea that maybe, just maybe, I mattered. Your time with the 9-year-old may be short-lived, but the impact may just stay with her for life. So keep doing the good work of caring for those who need love.

    • Thank you! I appreciate your comment. I hope that I do give her the memory of someone that cared for her well being. I gave her a card with my name, phone number and email address and told her to keep it for emergencies. So we will see!

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