She’s Gone (Again)

Our respite girl left yesterday around 1:00. We were supposed to have her with us until about 5:00 but I asked her foster family to come get her earlier. It was her first Father’s Day away from her biological family and what kind of a message does it send to her if she’s with us all day? I could tell the special breakfast, gifts, FaceTime with two grandfathers, etc. were getting to her. She was unusually quiet.

The kids did not want her to leave. I know that she didn’t want to leave either, although she said nothing. I’m not sure if she was too embarrassed to say something, or if she verbalized it then she would get more upset.

On Saturday I took her to the mall with Anne and Madeline, since it was $1 Old Navy flip flop day. We found new flip flops for all of the kids. We also stopped at the bookstore and got a workbook for her to take back with her. I sent her home with some crafts, a journal, a workbook, and information on the summer reading program at our library. It’s an hour on Wednesdays and they even serve free lunch afterwards. Our respite read about a book each evening while she was here, so I know that she would love a reading program.

I haven’t heard from her foster family. Her foster dad picked her up yesterday and didn’t say two words to me. I texted her foster mother so she knew why I sent everything home. I didn’t hear back. My husband kept saying that it’s such a shame what this girl has to go through. I am hopeful that they will find a new family that is willing to take her feelings and needs into account. Until then, we will just be on standby to respite her some more!


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