Bathrooming Issues: Update

I figured I would give everyone an update on Huck’s progress (or non-progress) with the bathrooming issues. We’ve been working about a year now with Huck (who is now 8) to use a toilet to pee and poop. When he came to live with us last year it took us a while to realize what was going on. We got him medical help about 6 months ago, so he now takes a mild laxative each day to prevent the severe constipation that he had (probably for years). We figured once the constipation was resolved that we would have better results. This has not happened. He will still have trouble making it to the bathroom on time or not do a good job cleaning up himself so he constantly has marks in his underwear/diaper. He will still have days where he full on pees his pants.

I also thought that once he was out of school and had a freer schedule everything would be better. When he is at home we remind him constantly to use the bathroom. But he continues to have issues. It has become more of a pee issue, but he will still occasionally have poop problems too.

We have tried everything. We have given him incentives. We have started low to work our way up to larger prizes. In the last year that he’s lived with us, he’s made it a grand total of 7 days in a row without issues, and that was a few months ago.

They are working with him at the trauma recovery program, but it really comes down to him listening to his body and leaving whatever he is doing to make it to the bathroom in time.

We are beyond frustrated. We have tried punishments, consequences, cleaning the soiled underwear, paying for diapers. We have tried reward charts, daily incentives, long term incentives, etc. Nothing has worked. I am hopeful that it will resolve itself before the school year next year but I’m not certain.


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