Open House

Today our agency held an open house to celebrate their brand new administrative office building. So we got to see the Office Manager that completed our first home study, the case manager that called with our first placement, our caseworker for the kids, our adoption home study case manager and the social worker who did their adoption prep. So we had a lot of people to see! The building was gorgeous. We got to meet all of the executives for the nonprofit and the board. We ended up being one of the only resource families that attended (at least while we were there) so it was nice because we felt very important! The kids got to have yummy snacks, sit in the President and CEO’s office and look around. I got to bend the ear of our caseworker quite a bit so that was helpful!

Our caseworker asked if we were interested in being a pre-adoptive family for respite girl. I knew that day was coming. I told her that we could do a longer placement while she found the right family but we have enough kids, no more adoptions. I told her that we will always be a resource for respite girl. She asked for my opinion on whether respite girl should be in a family with other children or an only child. I gave her my experiences with the girl so that she could make the best decision for her. It sounds like they are trying to move her before the school year begins. I am so hopeful that she will find the right place!


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