Lucy Found a Home

I got a call from our caseworker today that Lucy found a forever home (at least they hope). We had agreed to take her from the middle of July (after Family Day) until school started, with the understanding that the agency would be looking for and providing initial meetings with potential forever families. Today our caseworker said that they found someone permanent and that Lucy will move in tomorrow!!! So if you have any time for a quick prayer to or send her good thoughts, please give love to Lucy tomorrow that she loves her new home and that it’s a great fit for her!! I told our caseworker to please keep us updated on how it’s going!


3 thoughts on “Lucy Found a Home

  1. How wonderful! My most sincerest, deepest wish is that Lucy loves this new home and that this new family loves her right back! Did you ask the social worker to pass along your phone or tell Lucy she can call? Please do update us if you hear anything more!

    • That’s my wish for her too! I told the caseworker to let us know how things are going. When she left us after the last respite I gave her a colorful index card with my name, phone number and email address. So hopefully she will keep that with her!

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