Come to Jesus

I don’t know if you use the phrase “come to Jesus” at your home. As in “we’re having a come to Jesus meeting about all the attitude we’ve been getting in this house.”

My husband and I always used this phrase a lot working in retail as managers. It was often necessary to call attention to problems that we were having with our salespeople.

I’ve finally used it as a mom! We had a “come to Jesus” meeting with Huck about the toilet issues. While the pooping his pants issue has almost gone away since the end of school, he’s still been having pee issues off and on. Since he has never once soiled his pants while sleeping, we’re pretty sure (with the help of countless counselors that have seen him) that it boils down to routine and laziness.

Last Thursday my husband and I talked to Huck that if he wanted to continue to pee his pants and wear a diaper, that we would treat him like a baby. He can join Madeline and I in the baby section for the library program instead of being with the big kids. He can take two naps a day like a baby. He can go to bed after dinner like a baby. He can’t swim, ride his bike, or play soccer because babies can’t play those things. I realize this was basically shaming him but we did go a lot of routes before we got to this point. We saw a medical doctor. We saw two separate counselors. The most important thing, though, is that he’s done it! He’s gone 5 days now with no issues in his underwear. He is happy. So happy he’s almost manic and hasn’t been sleeping. Sigh. If it’s not one thing it’s another, right?!

So all you moms that are worried about your eight year old toileting in their pants, don’t fear. You can make it through! We made it a full year. It was my goal to make sure he didn’t need to wear diapers when he starts the third grade next year and he won’t need to!


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