Family Day

We had an awesome time on Family Day. Enough that it was hard for all of us to come back and get into a routine again. We stayed up late, slept in late, got treats, and didn’t turn on a TV or tablet once! Hubby left his phone in the car often and I only had mine to take pictures. So we made some special memories!

We left on Sunday around lunch time for the Finger Lakes, which are about 2-3 hours from our home. We had great weather the whole trip, we couldn’t have asked for better!

I had wanted to stop and have a tasting at a local family-friendly winery that also provides tours/explanation of how wine is made, but GPS messed up and took us way out of our way. So we checked into our campground and got right down to business: mini golf! This picture is an accurate portrayal of how mini golf went:

mini golf

The bigger kids were attempting to annoy each other and Madeline was off in her own world as usual. We checked into our cabin (note: this is as “camping” as I get. We had running water, a small kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms with a loft. The living room had a small a/c unit.) and got ready to swim! The kids were so excited that there was a splash park at the pool:

splash park

Huck loved the splash park!

josh splash park splash park2

He was so excited!!

Once the kids were cold enough (we were nearly to Canada after all!), they checked out the large jumping pillow at the campground for some bouncing madness:

jumping pillow

When we got back we had a proper dinner over the campfire: hot dogs, nachos, beans and s’mores!

The night got nice and chilly, and it reminded me of being a camp counselor in Maine. The windows were open and the breeze came in. Kids slept wonderfully and were comforted that we were all in such close proximity. It was even our first trip where Madeline was brave enough to share a bed with another kid instead of me! So her and Huck shared a bed and the two other girls were on bunks. It was so nice!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our trip: the state park!


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