The End of Summer

I know that technically we have like a month left of true summer. But here in Central Pennsylvania we start to notice the sun going in earlier and the cooler weather before the end of September. Plus I always associate Fall with back to school, so here we are. The end of summer. Three of four  kids are back in school. Backpacks have been purchased. New lunchboxes have been purchased. Kids have sneakers that fit and first day of school outfits. Here’s a look at our last few weeks before school started… We left to see my family in North Carolina on August 6th and returned home on August 15th. That included one night in a hotel, two nights in Charlotte visiting my sister and her family, and six nights in Raleigh at my parents’ house.

summer5At the Virginia Welcome Center!


Visiting Jordan Lake and swimming!


Walking on the pedestrian bridge that my dad designed. Madeline didn’t like the street noise!


Having a blast at the park!


Walking the greenways.

Before we left for North Carolina, my car got hit by lightning when sitting in our driveway during a regular summer afternoon storm. It took over two weeks for the dealer to get the car back in working order, enough for us to leave on vacation. It still isn’t completely fixed, they’re still working on the modules that control the backup camera and sensor. But the lightning literally fried every computer in my car and they’ve all had to be replaced!


Here’s my baby being hoisted up and taken away!


While we had our rental car we made the best of things. I had promised to take the kids to my alma mater, Dickinson College. I thought it was important for them to see what college is like, and we got a nice tour. They enjoyed seeing the dining hall and dorm rooms. I think it gave them a more tangible idea of what they strive for while in school.

We had a fun-filled summer but man, am I glad they are back in school! As the weeks went by, tempers got shorter. Patience didn’t go as far. And nerves/anxiety about the new school year got the best of them. So they were very ready to go back this week!


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