Becoming a Master

After much deliberation and protesting on my account, Hubby got into Auburn University and is starting his MBA (online) this fall. I felt like he needed to wait a little for his work load and family time to cool off but for his job future he felt there was no reason to wait. So here we go, he’s working full time (or more) and going to school full time as well. Luckily it is a program made for executives and the course load is figured around their jobs. Since hubby is in school he challenged me to start considering my future career path since Madeline will be in school full time next year. We both decided that more school for me would be a good option as well, so I applied to some schools this spring. I was accepted into Penn State and started today on my coursework to achieve my Masters in Public Administration. I am excited to learn more that I can apply to future positions advocating for children. Since I left CASA back in April I’ve had a lot of time to consider how I can best use my talents for the best of children. I have envisioned a nonprofit that expedites home studies for well-qualified families who are looking to foster/adopt older children. I know there are some around the country, mainly in larger cities, but this is a nonprofit that could be scale-able to grow from regional to national nonprofit. I envision no placement services, no matching services, just solely training and home study approval. Of course, there are plenty governmental and high-level changes that need to be made in foster care policy and regulations, along with penalties for counties that do not uphold these regulations. However I’m not in any kind of a position to work on this on a large scale yet!


4 thoughts on “Becoming a Master

  1. We love what you’re doing! My singing teacher from age 10 to 20 adopted a son because she couldn’t have children, then loved it so much she started taking in foster children. She took in two babies and a 16-year-old and formally adopted all three of them. The 16-year-old is now 18 and heading off to college. Every time she talks about her long journey to finding her “forever home” with my singing teacher on Facebook I tear up. My teacher completely changed this one girl’s life. She was on all sorts of medications for a variety of anxiety issues, but they were negatively effecting her personality. My teacher waned her off the medication, showered her with love and affection, got her involved with her singing company, and this girl has done a 180! The power of fostering children is incredible. I plan to take in foster children of my own someday in hopes of providing them a forever home!

    • Thank you for the kind words! That story is amazing! We respite now and would like to foster once the kids are a little older and we have more of a foundation set for our family. 3 out of my 4 kids say they would like to foster/adopt some day so I figure I must be doing something right!!

  2. I hope you enjoy your MPA program; I completed mine in the late 90s. Loved it and it has served me well in the work I do with nonprofits and the govt. The balance of work and school can be tough and requires so much discipline (I don’t miss it having finished my last degree last year). But it’s worth it! 🙂 All the best to both you and hubby. 🙂

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