Huckleberry Finn (Again)

As y’all know, we’ve been dealing with serious defiance from Huck. This morning, he refused to get ready for school. He wouldn’t eat his breakfast, he wouldn’t go upstairs to change, etc. So I took him to school in his pajamas (he had on fleece Iron Man pants and a tshirt from one of our vacations, not really anything embarrassing). He refused to get out of the car when we arrived at school.

He comes home today and complained to his teacher, who then sent him to the nurse to get clothes to wear for the day.

I am beyond irate. Maybe I just need some time to cool off. But here is a kid that is screaming at me on the way to school that “it’s all your fault” (meaning mine) and then he gets “saved” at school by his teacher and the school nurse? I have to “launder and return the used article to the school nurse as soon as possible.” I feel like writing a note back that I’d really prefer if my kids had to suffer the logical consequences of their action and not be saved. Is this too much? I’m trying to teach him a lesson and I don’t have support from school for sure!


2 thoughts on “Huckleberry Finn (Again)

  1. It sounds like you did the right thing. When this happens in our house, I follow the bus and leave clothes with the nurse. We have a school plan in place for these behaviors, including door-to door transportation. I’ve had to carry a kid to the bus before. I’m PJs. Once in the bus they calm down. They have the option I rock a PJ look or clothes once they get there. Best of luck to you! I wish they would understand and support you. You could also donate some of Huck’s school clothes to the nurse, since he isn’t into wearing them. That way she has a full stock for other kids and Huck might learn some of the “use it or lose it” principals. We never shame our kids, because they are just scared and upset and looking for a reaction. We say, “that’s an inserting choice. See you this afternoon!” Just know that you are doing the best you can. Hey, your best is pretty darn good!!!

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