Certified Letter Part 2

Hubby was nice enough to stop and pick up our certified letter from the post office on his way into work today since I’m at home again with all 4 kids… PA lets rural kids off on the first day of hunting season so my 4 have been off almost a week! I did not want to parallel park and take all 4 in to get the letter but I was most curious!

Apparently there are forms for each kid to fill out in order to continue receiving their adoption stipends. Which I’m pretty sure we signed that they’ll have it until 18 or 21 depending on if they are in school full time or not. So I’m guessing it’s just Children & Family’s way of keeping track of us!

Huck had his appointment last week with the psychiatrist and although I explained his failure to earn 12 “checks” in 30 days and my hope for a more elevated and stable mood, the doctor just upped his current medicine. So Huck will be on Tenex 1 mg at night and .5 mg in the morning. I’m not convinced it will help. While my parents visited at Thanksgiving they worked on “potty training” him, which didn’t even work one day. So he has a lot of demons still to conquer.


Certified Letter

Has anyone ever received a certified letter from Human Services? My mailman brought the slip to pick up the letter at the post office but we were home. So now it’s Sunday and I’m left wondering until tomorrow. I’m thinking it’s regarding their adoption stipend, ¬†since it’s been a year since adoption maybe the county makes sure of identifying information? I have no clue. Has anyone ¬†ever gotten a certified letter?

Update on Huck

I wish that I didn’t sound like a broken record. I wish that I had more answers for all of you that may be going through the same situation. But we’re still struggling with Huck.

We gave up on the bathrooming issue and he’s just in diapers full time. He pees in them nearly every day. He’s 8 and 1/2 years old. He’s been checked medically. We’ve tried potty training him with a timer. We’ve tried rewards. We’ve tried consequences. Nothing is working. He prefers to wear the diapers. He will tell us specifically. So our hope that backing off the issue would empower him to make the conscious choice to stop going in his pants has backfired. Now I’m trying to think of a new solution. It’s really hard when you don’t have a willing partner who wants to hold up their end of the bargain!

With his counselors, we gave Huck a reward system. He had one month to earn 12 days of “checks” on good behavior/attitude days, and then he would be able to play basketball in the winter league. He failed. He didn’t make it. His counselors wanted to do 17 days and Hubby convinced them to lower the number because he didn’t want to set Huck up to fail. And yet, he couldn’t even make it 12 days in the last 30. His attitude has been poor, he’s miserable to be around, he pouts and cries 90% of the time. His defiance from the anti-depressants has lessened but he’s begun lying to me a lot. He talks back and whines constantly. He’s a completely different kid than he was a year ago, even 6 months ago. He’s been in the trauma recovery counseling for 6 months now and he’s so much worse. His counselors aren’t even able to get him on board.

He’s still on the Tenex, 1 mg half a pill morning and night. While it has helped his sleep and calmed him down a bit, it hasn’t elevated his mood at all. We go back to the doctor on Tuesday and I will be requesting something else.