Still Working with Huck

Huck had a reasonably good weekend last weekend. He got to play, watch tv, and join in family festivities. We keep speaking with him about choices, and being an active participant in the family. This means not treating people badly or yelling, and then expecting everyone to be at your beck and call.

He’s had a few issues with peers at school, mainly what I consider a negative attitude being confronted by peers. When  he has issues in school, he has issues at home. He has fits, screaming bits, and general rudeness.

This week I sent him to school in his pajamas again, after being screamed at (at only 7:00 am) because none of his favorite pants were clean. Granted, I’ve had a few things going on (finals for school, multiple dr visits, getting ready for the holidays, etc) and I did not realize he needed laundry to be done. Reminding me at 7:00 in the morning in an angry way does nothing to help the situation. So I asked him to take a few deep breaths and pick a different outfit, considering he has many beautiful clothes to choose from. He fell to the floor and had a fit. So I gave him another chance to choose another outfit. He declined. So off he went in his pajamas. I wizened up this time and emailed his teacher, in addition to calling the guidance counselor to inform her what was going on. We had just held a meeting with the guidance counselor, Huck, Huck’s teacher, Huck’s counselor and myself about his problems with his peers, so they were prepared. I feel a lot of support for Huck, but I am sad that he does not feel the same way.

Wednesday evening this week was good, he made eye contact and answered questions about his day. He didn’t whine or pout about having to take a shower and do his homework. That was the only day though!


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