Child Profiles

I got my hands on the child profiles. It was only for a few hours and I wasn’t allowed to copy, fax or scan them. I did take notes. We will receive a formal, completed copy after the adoptions go through. The profiles that I read were only through August 2010 so they were only about halfway complete. Most is what I expected with a Bio mom giving birth at 17 and with both parents having Hep C. I did learn that CYS had a case open from the birth of our oldest daughter all the way through until when they were actually placed in care. So social workers were out at their house very often to check on the kids. And the parents were given many opportunities during those first five years to clean up their act (literally and figuratively). After reading the profiles it is hard to imagine how they returned home after their first year and a half of placement in foster care. The profiles read like a case for adoption. Parents not trying, parents not succeeding in meeting court requests, visits at CYS not going well, etc.

All three kids were tested in 2010 for Hep C. Two girls tested negative and Little Man’s test was not back at the time that the profiles were written. I’m guessing that means it was negative but we will definitely have that checked upon. I found out that (on my birthday) in 2010 our newest little daughter got tubes in her ears so that was what those codes were about in her file. Her profile has that no birth records were available, which we all know is crap because it showed up on her print out at the doctor so our case manager will push for those to be found.

Otherwise the profile was pretty much what we had discussed with the case worker/when we got the referral for the kids. They’ve also filled me in on a lot of what happened, to their recollection. It is sad but didn’t bum me out as much as I thought it would. I am happy they are here and that I am their mom. I am sad and grieve for their past and their relationships but I know that I will do my best to support them every day.

Our permanency specialist called as well and she’s coming out the 30th with our updated profile to go over any questions she has. I sent all the adoption paperwork with our case manager today so she will have time to look over it before our meeting. Sounds like we are progressing towards the November 7th adoption date!

Now to just find a venue for a kick-butt celebration party and figure out something special for the kids to wear… Any suggestions are welcome!


Adoption Home Study

After hearing from the Permanency Specialist at our agency last week, we got the packet of materials to update for our Adoption Home Study. We’ve already done the adoption training so we just have to read back through the information and sign. The paperwork to update our profile for the adoption is no joke. I am SO glad that I made copies of all the original paperwork that I sent for our first home study because this paperwork was very similar. Here is what we had to do, and I starred next to the items that were the same as the originals:


*Health History forms (this time including the three new children)


*CY131: is for the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange, it is the family applicant registration/update form. We had hardly anything to update but some questions I elaborated a little more concerning the three children we have in our care

AAPI: Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory. This was a multiple choice test asking about your beliefs regarding children, their care and punishment strategies.

So the only thing new was the AAPI, everything else was either identical to the first home study paperwork (reference, health histories) or we just had to add in a few things here or there for the three new children that we have. It just took a long time to re-write! I wished that my copies were better quality or I might have been able just to give her a copy. Or if I had typed it all the first round (don’t know if you can do that), then I would just have to add a little and print it off. Now we just wait to sign the new profile!

Adoption Day?

I got a call this afternoon while I was waiting at the bus stop for the kids to come home. I didn’t bring my phone so the supervisor of our county case worker left me a message. She said that she needs to “verify identifying information” in order to process our adoption home study referral. I called back but of course was sent to her voicemail. I am interested to hear what she has to ask us!

We met with our agency case manager for her bi-weekly visit today. She said she has still yet to receive the referral for our adoption home study. At our agency these home studies take about three to four months because they are backed up. So there would be no way that they could get it done before Adoption Day on November 7th, which is the date our county case worker is pushing. She DID say, however, that she doesn’t know if our agency will be the one doing the home study. The county could choose another agency to perform the home study and they might be able to get it done sooner. Our county case worker comes next week for her monthly visit so I will be sure to ask who they are sending the referral to!

It seems crazy that in two months these kids could already be adopted! I haven’t found out how many days that they’ve been in care but with my basic math I think it must be over 1,4000 days in care since 2009. That’s just too many. I am glad that they are a part of our family now!