Adoption Swap Box– Update

Don’t know if any of you signed up for the Adoption Swap held by Tamara over at Adoption Mama Blog, but I got my first partner today! She adopted a sibling pair of brothers out of foster care and lives in my state! I would say that’s a great pairing! I can’t wait to send her a box of fun things. I hope that I can learn from her journey! Who knows what this swap will bring. Then I will get my second partner in July. I am sure it will be just as great of a match as the first!

If you missed the first round, I am sure Tamara will have another. Make sure you message her and let her know!



Adoption Swap

Don’t know if this has been blowing up on your Facebook newsfeed, but it’s been on mine! Tamara at the Adoption Mama Blog has started an adoption swap, between those who are waiting to adopt, have already adopted or both. What a great idea to share in friendship and community! Sending trinkets and good tidings along the miles is sure to make anyone smile! Sign up today and get in on the fun!