Let’s All Be Cheerful!

Check out this story about a young woman who went through the foster system…






Aging Out

The movers are here and the TVs are packed up so I am amusing myself with the internet. And some work. But mainly Pinterest and People.com and Facebook. Last night was strange to be in such a quiet house with just the dogs. It was eerily quiet, not a good quiet. I guess as mothers and wives we’re accustomed to some sort of din at all times. Even falling to sleep without the baby monitor and the sound of her rain machine was tough! I guess I rely on the white noise as much as she does! Tomorrow is loading and then I can stay at my parents’ house with Little One. I miss her little impish grin. And maybe by the end of the week I will be in the same house as my husband!! That would be amazing.

One of the other things that keeps me up at night: what happens to foster kids who age out? Ohio is working on making sure they have somewhere to go…