We Are Not Finished

Got an email from the foster agency yesterday. Remember that last form that had to be signed by the doctor and then we would be approved?

Yeah, now we have 3 more things we have to submit before approval!! It’s not a question of if we will be approved, but when.

Now we have to turn in a copy of our 2013 tax returns and copies of our most recent pay stubs to show that we are still working. Sigh. Wish I had known a week or two ago because I would have been able to do that quickly. We won’t be home until next Wednesday so I won’t be able to submit any of that until late next week. I guess we have to submit our tax returns because my Social Security Statement didn’t have my updated income for 2013 on it when I printed it out for the agency. Not sure why that is a huge deal since I already submitted my 1099 and we definitely qualify on my husband’s generous salary alone. But I will do it!

Since I am an independent contractor I don’t get pay stubs, I just get either direct deposit or a physical check in the mail. The agency said that I can make a copy of the most recent check and that will suffice. 

Sigh. I thought we were ready to be approved!!



Family Profile

One of the Adoption Specialists at our Agency is coming today to review our family profile, make any revisions, and have us sign. Then we are ready to accept placements! It seems so crazy to be finished with our approval!

I took a picture of the binder I’ve made out of all the resources we’ve been given thus far. There’s a tab for the Orientation Manual, PRIDE chapters, CPR training and a tab for the copies of everything we submitted for our application. This way we have everything in one place. I made copies of everything we submitted in case anything got misplaced or needed clarification. Hubby said that my mind is a scary place. But I’ll just go crazy if I don’t have it organized! All the information was in 20 different folders. Now it’s just in one spot!

photo (2)

Update on Foster Care/Adoption Application

So here is an inventory of items we’ve completed and sent in for our foster adoption application.

-FBI clearances

-Criminal Record Checks

-Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

-disclosure statement (addresses from 1975, roommates from 1975, education, etc)

-copies of W2 and 1099 from last year

-copies of dog rabies certificates

-copies of drivers licenses

-copies of automobile insurance

-copy of homeowner’s insurance

-copies of car registrations

-copy of social security statement for both parents

-copy of W2 and 1099 for parents

-reference list

-Marriage license

-mental health form for me

-Application and Family Synopsis (close to the disclosure statement, info on addresses and roommates, family structure and financial information)

-Read orientation manual and passed exam on info provided

-Car seat safety manual and passed exam on info provided


These are items that have not been completed:

-health history for hubby

-health history for myself (2 week check up post-surgery is Thursday so I will have it completed then)

-Autobiography (to be completed after PRIDE training)

-Picture of family and home

-CPR online training


While it is a lot of work to get these things completed and all the clearances checked, it is evident with each piece of paper how these tough applications are for the best interest of the children in care. I haven’t done one extra test or piece of the application that I thought was too much. If I had to hand over a child to someone I didn’t know, this information would probably give me a good idea of what that child would be walking into.