My Belly is Happy



This picture explains our entire weekend and week thus far… Little one caught a stomach bug last Tuesday and since she has dairy allergies I thought maybe she just had something she shouldn’t at grandma’s house… so I didn’t think anything of it really. Well three days later and things were only getting worse! Then she lovingly gave me the virus too. And my husband worked all weekend! So we spent our time eating pretzels, crackers, electrolyte pops and probiotics in our water. Yummy. If I never again have to watch Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Horton Hears a Who or the Tinkerbell movie I will be super glad! She is doing much better today and told me that her belly is “happy.” I am still a little iffy but back to work tomorrow. I have old people to help… 

Stay tuned tomorrow for an important update on our ongoing foster/adopt saga!