Still No Computer

Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet… Or so it seems. My new laptop has yet to ship so I am lost, both professionally and personally. I don’t even want to get into all that was saved, moving and otherwise, on that computer. I do back up my files regularly, but because of the move it has been a while. And a lot has happened! 

A few updates, for those of you still with me!

The director of the foster agency that we met with has invited us to start training this Friday. We are not ready to commit to his agency until we meet with his permanency specialist and at least one other agency. There are 3 total that I have been in contact with since the move and we are not ready to commit until we have exhausted our possibilities. We also need to see the cardiologist and make sure that I don’t need surgery before we make a commitment. While that was supposed to happen within a month of my hospital discharge, and despite my frequent phone calls, I do not even have an appointment scheduled. This guy is harder to see than the President!

Tomorrow I have my first of two different ob/gyn or Maternal Fetal Medicine appointments to find out if I can have any more children in the future (not that we are necassarily going that route) and to find out my options for birth control. I am weirdly nervous for my consultation. I have read a bit online about pregnancies with PFO and they seem to be either totally normal or they go horribly wrong! And while my husband and I have been unable to conceive a second time and agreed to pursue fostering/adoption first, when someone tells you that you should’t have more children there’s some innate reaction that makes you feel like it’s a personal challenge. Like, oh I can’t have kids/shouldn’t get pregnant? Now that’s my entire life goal to prove you wrong!



Fostering Update

I know my blog got run over by stroke updates, and I can’t promise that won’t continue to happen! But as my husband and I discuss our future birth control options, we are scheduling meetings with the foster care agencies I’ve been in touch with since last December. I am super psyched that these agencies will come to my home to meet with me and my husband. It’s such a departure from the foster world we were thrown into in North Carolina. As each day goes by, we settle more into our new home and our new routines. But also it becomes apparent that our family is not settled, it’s not whole. Little One desperately wants someone to play with, and while we do the best we can, in the end playing with adults is just not as fun as playing with other kids! We just think on a different level.

Next week we will meet with the program director for a local foster/adopt agency. He’s been so kind and we’re anxious to hear if my medical condition will change our approach at all. We are hoping to fast track through the application and homestudy process since we got so far last summer and we have everything put together already. This particular program director seems anxious about us getting certified, and he has a training class coming up that we could fit right into. Can’t wait to meet him!

My husband and I are discussing non-pill forms of birth control since I’m not supposed to get pregnant. I still haven’t met with the cardiologist who will give final say on my heart condition and pregnancy, but we’ve been told by every doctor after the stroke that I am not to get pregnant. Not that we’ve been sucessful since Little One anyway, but it is a different situation being told that we can’t try versus trying and aren’t able to get pregnant. So we have to discuss our options with long term birth control. Anyone have experience in long term birth control? Shots or IUDs or vasectomy? My husband is pretty averse to getting a vasectomy but at this point I’m not sure I like any of the other choices any better!