She’s Drinking Again

So I think my boss is drinking again. Not at work or before work, and not really interfering with work. But, I can tell. She went to rehab back in April after her husband found out she had been cheating on him (for four years!), and on the day I had a miscarriage. April was a tough month! Her personal craziness and my personal craziness joined as I took over the business while she was out of town for rehab. That was months ago. Now, an all-too-familiar routine is popping back up. While we have a very relaxed work environment, she’s been leaving earlier and earlier every day. And while her complexion and the color of her skin had brightened and cleared days after her rehab stay, I’ve noticed in the last week or so that has changed back. But what I can I do? She hasn’t confided in me that she has been drinking or that she has gone back to her affair. Even if she has, it really has nothing to do with my job so I don’t really have much leverage in that department. But she is my friend, and as her friend I do feel the need to help her out if she is having difficulty coping. Sigh.


Fate’s a Dirty Word

The day that I had my first miscarriage, I got a late evening call from my boss. While we have a  friendly and open relationship (partnership), we rarely spoke after 5 p.m. She did not know that we were trying to get pregnant, but she did know that I was waiting to hear from my doctor regarding something important. She called to confide in me that she was an alcoholic, and in the midst of multi-year long affair. She would be going to rehab (mainly determined by her husband), and I was in charge while she was gone. It had been a hellish week, being pregnant then not. It would be an even worse month to come with her gone. I learned the hard way in that instance that even though we may pray hard for an outcome, we may plan to the tenth degree, but our true fate is out of our hands.