A Little Online Shopping

Do you ever feel weird looking at children’s adoption profiles online? Or, rather, do you ever feel not weird looking at children’s adoption profiles online?

I peruse lots of items online. Clothes, books, beauty items, shoes, camping equipment, the list goes on. We have become a very visual society reliant on over-sharing.

So why am I surprised that we can look online to see children, neatly organized by state and age?

And why does it bother me so much?

It hurts my heart that all of these children need families. I wish that I could help every single one. I know that online profiles can help reach families in other counties or states that wouldn’t know about a potential fit.

But it’s still weird.


Let’s Support Davion Only

The news is reporting over 10,000 people have contacted the Florida Agency regarding Davion Only. I think that’s great! When I first read the article I called in, but we don’t have a finalized home study yet. To honor Davion and his awesomeness, I think it would be great to support the other children in the US who need us too! Here is a wonderful young man in North Carolina that is looking for a family!