We Are Not Finished

Got an email from the foster agency yesterday. Remember that last form that had to be signed by the doctor and then we would be approved?

Yeah, now we have 3 more things we have to submit before approval!! It’s not a question of if we will be approved, but when.

Now we have to turn in a copy of our 2013 tax returns and copies of our most recent pay stubs to show that we are still working. Sigh. Wish I had known a week or two ago because I would have been able to do that quickly. We won’t be home until next Wednesday so I won’t be able to submit any of that until late next week. I guess we have to submit our tax returns because my Social Security Statement didn’t have my updated income for 2013 on it when I printed it out for the agency. Not sure why that is a huge deal since I already submitted my 1099 and we definitely qualify on my husband’s generous salary alone. But I will do it!

Since I am an independent contractor I don’t get pay stubs, I just get either direct deposit or a physical check in the mail. The agency said that I can make a copy of the most recent check and that will suffice. 

Sigh. I thought we were ready to be approved!!



Home Study

Yesterday we got to read through and sign our home study/family profile. I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect other than some mistakes. I was surprised by how thorough it was and how few mistakes there were! Other than a few typos there wasn’t anything in the profile that I needed to change or eliminate. There were a few questions our adoption specialist had, some clarifications and additions, but there wasn’t anything that I wished was not in the profile. The home study walked through the information from all of the papers we had turned in for the application, plus information from our criminal records, child abuse records and health histories. It listed our insurance policies and drivers license numbers. It went through all of the information we gave in our interviews pertaining to our family structures, discipline procedures, community involvement and desires for our future family. There was a complete section on our daughter and her understanding of the adoption process. I had a proud Mama moment because it stated that she has shown to be above average cognition. The profile also detailed all of our PRIDE training. The whole home study was all so positive, I couldn’t help getting chills! I only hope those that read it in the future are as excited about the profile. It is officially signed but we’re not quite ready for placement.

I have one more form to turn in, from a mental health counselor that I had a session with this year. My psychiatrist gave me the go ahead and so did my primary care physician but since I haven’t seen my mental health provider in over six months (since we moved), I need an updated mental health statement. I called yesterday but they won’t sign any forms. Sigh. So I’m talking to the manager of the counseling office to see if they can at least give me some sort of receipt showing time and date of session to prove that I am continuing counseling.

We walked through the house with the adoption specialist and she tested the smoke detectors and checked for a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. I asked her what we are specifically approved for, regarding age/number of children. She said whatever we wish. So that was pretty cool. She also spent some time with our daughter, who gets so excited when anyone from the Adoption agency comes to visit. Little One has to show off anything new since they came last. So she showed off her new remote control monster truck that she got for potty training. The adoption specialist was laughing at my petite feminine daughter with this big huge truck! But she’s so into it. The adoption specialist said that she needs a brother badly! We agree.

Hopefully I will be able to get that last paper in quickly so we can be officially approved!