Sugar, Sugar

I’ve written on the blog several times about limiting Little One’s sugar intake and then being mindful once we had placement. Things get a little crazy around here if the kids are loaded up on sugar. However, there are some items my kids eat almost daily that I have missed, and this article helped me locate them. She explains that kids should have no more than 12 grams of sugar a day and women should have no more than 24 grams. I just took a peek at the Go Gurt that the kids love so much (and I rarely buy) and it is 9 grams. The Yoplait yogurt that the older girls eat almost daily have 25 grams of sugar, more than adult women should have in a day. Their apple juice boxes that they have on the weekends with lunch also have more sugar than a grown woman should have in a day. I will definitely be watching more closely and I will also see how behavior improves! I encourage you to take a look in your fridge/pantry to see what is hiding in there. Like the big Kraft boycott, I will definitely be voting with my dollars. I refuse to buy sugary items that are marketed to kids and yet hold more sugar in them than a grown woman should have in a day.