Sugar Treats for Kids

You all know how I feel about sugar. I’ve written about it before we had placement and after our kids were placed with us (see specifically Sugar and food dyes may be my most hated items. My kids do get treats occasionally, but they don’t crave it or ask for it. When they get candy as rewards we save it for sometime that they truly deserve it (not just because they finished a half hour gymnastics class) or they switch it out for something else. They never complain and they understand why we do it. I especially hate how their private school allowed soda, candy, even iced tea to be purchased as “extras” at lunch. Madeline received at least 4-5 skittles EVERY day after preschool. Just for going? It’s crazy. How about a stamp on the hand? Or just a hug? It’s totally out of control.


Sugar, Sugar

I’ve written on the blog several times about limiting Little One’s sugar intake and then being mindful once we had placement. Things get a little crazy around here if the kids are loaded up on sugar. However, there are some items my kids eat almost daily that I have missed, and this article helped me locate them. She explains that kids should have no more than 12 grams of sugar a day and women should have no more than 24 grams. I just took a peek at the Go Gurt that the kids love so much (and I rarely buy) and it is 9 grams. The Yoplait yogurt that the older girls eat almost daily have 25 grams of sugar, more than adult women should have in a day. Their apple juice boxes that they have on the weekends with lunch also have more sugar than a grown woman should have in a day. I will definitely be watching more closely and I will also see how behavior improves! I encourage you to take a look in your fridge/pantry to see what is hiding in there. Like the big Kraft boycott, I will definitely be voting with my dollars. I refuse to buy sugary items that are marketed to kids and yet hold more sugar in them than a grown woman should have in a day.

Pool Party

Yesterday we hosted my husband’s summer company picnic with all of his employees and his boss. I was very nervous of how it would go with the kids. They tend to have poor behavior on days that we have visitors and I knew they would be eating a lot of junk food/sugar so I didn’t know what to expect. The morning before our guests arrived they were all in discipline before 9:00 am so we were very concerned about how the rest of the day would go. Little man purposely did his workbook pages wrong. Like, laughably wrong. Our middle girl kept picking fights with her siblings as only she can do. It was a mess! We had so much to get done and the kids were giving us fits all morning. My husband and I went over our expectations with them prior to the day of, and laid out clear guidelines if there would be any fits or arguments. I am pleased to say that they did great all afternoon! Little man had a meltdown almost at the end of the day and Hubby pulled him aside before it become too big. There was some pouting about drinking soda/eating more than one dessert but they took my direction well and did not make it a big thing. It’s hard when the other kids get to drink four juice boxes or soda and multiple desserts! But we stood our ground and we were happy that we did because their behavior definitely reflected that. We are pretty strict on the juice/soda/sugar because we really notice a difference in their behavior afterwards. We actually started it with Little One before we accepted placement because of the negative affects of sugar and artificial food dyes. I’ve kept that up with the bigger kids and have been very happy with how it’s gone. If you are having difficult behaviors I encourage you to keep a food diary of what your kids eat as well as checking the ingredients before you purchase items at the store. It is like night and day!