No More Nap?

No More Nap?

This is what has been happening as Little One transitions out of her naps. She doesn’t want to nap, despite my laying with her and reading or singing, she asks to go to the “store” or go to the park. Inevitably after some fun and running off steam, she falls asleep in the car on the way home. So she fights a nap like crazy but then it just naturally happens! Oh three year olds!



Little One got Frozen on DVD as a gift for her birthday. We hadn’t seen it but I had heard the hype, the breaking of the box office records, the go women! go girl power! and many of my favorite bloggers have written about it (see below for links). I’m sad to say that I didn’t like it. The premise was good, yes. Let It Go as a song and scene was good, yes. But other than that I really didn’t like it at all. It felt incomplete, archaic, and seemed to try hard to fit the Disney mold. Parents dying, handsome prince, rugged boyish friend, comic relief. I mean, it’s 2014, could we get a little more diversity? Even though my daughter may look like Elsa, that’s not all she sees in her classroom on a daily basis. That is not necessarily what she relates to. Or what we want young girls (boys too) to relate to? Why don’t they look more like our world? I’m all for princess love and sisterhood, but many of the relationships in the movie were not something that we wish for our children. Little One didn’t like it either. She hasn’t asked to watch it since. Which, for a three year old, is big. I’ve watched Mater’s Tall Tales too many times to count, and usually Disney movies have some staying power in our house. Tarzan was on rotation for a good month!

It’s broken records at the box office. It’s go feminism and yay sisters. But do we need this in our child’s lexicon? What are we reflecting back upon our children?



A Toddler Christmas

It’s about that time of year again where I start to make my lists for Christmas. We have a lot of people to buy for/make gifts for, so I like to start early. I find my child to be the hardest. In-laws are a close second. We have fun making teacher’s gifts and neighbor gifts, but buying for my own daughter is hard. We started a gift-giving tradition for her first Christmas of the following:

1) Something You Want

2) Something You Need

3) Something You Wear

4) Something You Read

I did not make this up, I don’t know the origin but I think it’s so smart! We are blessed that there are many people who give gifts to our child over the course of the holidays. Even small gifts from her great-aunts, three sets of grandparents, three sets of great-grandparents, aunt and uncles, and family friends can really pile up. We are appreciative of all that we receive. For us, Christmas is not all about gifts, but we were drowning in toys last year. I try to save some for her to open at a later time but many gifters prefer that she open her presents in front of them. So it makes Christmas way over the top. She doesn’t expect it and she doesn’t need it. We do lots of fun activities over the holiday season and we donate our time and money throughout the year. So here is a little guide of my own ideas that would fulfill the above gift-giving tradition for toddlers in your life. A toddler Christmas gift-guide, if you will. I would estimate you can find ideas for one-year olds, two-year olds and three-year olds depending on their preferences and maturity! Also, if you are like me and don’t mind searching for things on eBay, craigslist, Black Friday sales or local consignment sales, you can pick up big-ticket items for Christmas and save  money for other gifts you have to buy on your list!

Something You Want:

Train table and trains


-see Amazon for brands like BigJigs and Imaginext

Little Tikes Outdoor equipment (many can be found for cheap on craigslist)

little tikes slide

-something like their slide, tball set, basketball hoop or swing



-We love our Vtech Innotab

Music table

activity table

Fisher price zoo

zoo talkers

Something You Need:

Educational item like puzzles or string cards

Backpack or lunch box for school

Big kid sheets or towels

Musical instruments, like this one from Melissa and Doug


Something You Wear:

For us, I like to stock up on the next summer’s staples at the end of the season when everything is on clearance. Then it’s fun to give as Christmas presents, when in the dead of the winter you can get excited about an upcoming vacation or weekend away to someplace warm!

Bathing suit

Swimsuit coverup

Fun underwear for potty training

Babylegs legwarmers–really great brand that grows with your child


Trumpette socks–cutest little socks and tights you could ever imagine, and sometimes TJMaxx and Home Goods carry them!


Something You Read:

This is the most individual, as some kids love board books with flaps, some love texture and some toddlers are okay with picture books. I’ve tried to incorporate some of our favorites in each category.

Llama Llama books

Sandra Boynton books

Eric Carle books